Review: The Predator ( 2018 )

In this film a Predator (the normal one, not the giant Ultimate Predator) lands on Earth based on a goal. A goal that feels like the opposite of a series of massacres he did. That’s the biggest plot of the movie’s plot, because even though Predators are high-value, wild, fierce, self-worthy monsters, they are also intelligent beings. Even if the Predator is clear-minded, able to withstand craving to kill, the film will end even before stepping on the second act. I described the hole at the beginning so that you can get ready, so you don’t need to think too much about it and can sit back and enjoy the “slash slash bang bang” offered by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys).

It’s not easy to make sequels in the Predator series. Every film has a different protagonist without correlation to each other, making the process of character development impossible. The only option is only to widen the mythology of the dreadlock-haired killing machine, and indeed that is what Black did. After landing (emergency) then involved a consultation with Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), Army Rangers sniper who happened to be carrying out a mission and ended up stealing some alien technology, the Predator was taken to a secret facility to study, one of them by a Biologist named Casey Bracket ( Olivia Munn).

Casey was aware of the anomalies in DNA Predator, which Black and Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3) used in their writings to explain the reason Predators like to come to Earth, while emphasizing the absence of the existence of two titles vs. Aliens. Predator. You will know “why” when the purpose of the Predator’s arrival has been revealed. Other mythological developments were carried out through the introduction of Ultimate Predators, hunters of hunters, who hunted with giant dogs (Predogtor? Predadog?) Who also had dreadlocks. According to Casey, the hair functions as a signal carrier. The Ultimate Predator is bigger, stronger, but the way it works like a stupid monster than a tactical killing machine like the original Predator. So if there is a question whether it is creepy, the answer is “No”.

But Shane Black armed with the peculiarities of his writing clearly did not intend to make the Predator a serious dark horror. It was shown when we met a group of troubled war veterans consisting of Tourette, ADHD, PTSD, and others. Quinn, who tried to be silenced as a witness to the Predator landing, was one of them. Alternately they make jokes, especially Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) with “rotten mouth”. Without in-depth characterization, it is also not memorable, at least their presence produces pleasant moments. Trevante Rhodes is most prominent, expertly handling sentence after sentence, making Nebraska characters like friends who can be invited to talk heart-to-heart at night while drinking a bottle of beer comfortably.