Review: Target ( Raditya Dika Movie )

After the umpteenth time, Raditya Dika now returns to show his latest film, Target. This was recorded for the 6th time, Raditya played, wrote the script, and also directed the film. Again, he presented a series of famous celebrities in his films who played as themselves, including Cinta Laura, Willy Dozan, Samuel Rizal, Romy Rafael, Anggika Bolsterli, as well as several top comics and Youtubers.

The story is simple. A group of 9 celebrities received an invitation to play in a film called Target. On the day, they were present at a designated location, but strangely there were no crew, extras, production equipment, and so on. They were told to change costumes and even were treated to lunch that had been flavored with sleeping pills. They wake up in a warehouse room in a high-rise building and are caught in a game that threatens their lives.

The story is similar to the other Raditya movie, Hangout, which features 9 public figures trapped on an island. They are one by one mysteriously killed for no apparent reason. Isn’t it similar? This time, the difference is only the location and the characters, and someone is playing with them. As usual, the plural in our films, the motives, and logic of the story in this film is indeed a big question. From the beginning, the story told many things that were not told, except only the relationship between Raditya and Cinta Laura. Just one small question, why should they be? If you want to write all the spoilers, of course.

Why do you think it is heavy? This is just a comedy, why is it so serious? It is precisely the comedian who kills his own film story. Good comedy certainly must have a good story so that the audience can enter the characters. What happens with the story is that everything is not serious and playful, jokes are sometimes funny, but many of them are lively and crisp. All things are forced to make the audience laugh so that the element of tension that is expected to be empty. The surprise at the end doesn’t even feel biting. I don’t know, is this ridicule the main goal? However, it is unfortunate because the story has the potential to be better.