Sadistic, 4 Things From Sabrina Film That Makes You Sleepless

The doll terror in The Doll 2 seems to be over. Although not given the title “The Doll 3”, this Sabrina film still tells the horror story of the Sabrina doll who became Kayla’s favorite doll, Luna Maya’s child who had died in the previous film.

Even so, the director Rocky Soraya claimed many things were far different and more special than the previous films.


1. The story begins with Reynald going to Laras for a very scary case


The story begins with the life of a married couple named Arka and Andini who are wealthy. Andini, who often behaves strangely, starts to get possessed and get even worse. Jeremy Thomas, who plays a psychic named Reynald, asked Laras to help deal with the Andini case.

In the beginning, there were some that reduced the atmosphere of film horror, ranging from Andini’s acting which was felt excessive to the CGI when Laras got on a car that was involved like an old FTV show.

Newly tracked career in horror films, Jeremy Thomas claimed to fly directly to Indonesia from London to play in this film.


2. Terror began with the presence of the second edition of Sabrina dolls


Already moving on, Maira, played by Luna Maya, lost her son to anchor his heart to a handsome businessman named Aiden. Do not live alone, Aiden lives with his nephew Vanya who has been orphaned. Vanya is a gloomy figure because she still can’t forget her dead mother. The audience was also curious because at the beginning it was not told who Vanya’s parents were, until the fact that Vanya’s parents were quite shocking, but also guessed.

Aiden is a puppet businessman who produces the second-edition Sabrina doll which is very in demand. So in demand that even the Sabrina doll, which was quite large in size, was brought to school by many young children.

Speaking of the Sabrina doll who became the main character in this film, Rocky admitted buying his spare parts from abroad because of the shooting needs in which Sabrina moved more. For Sabrina’s own face Rocky decided to change the color of her face which was originally blue to be natural like a human. Do you think it’s more sinister than before or now?


3. Being husband and wife in a film, the intimacy of Luna Maya and Christian Sugiono is very sweet


Acting as a newly married couple, both are like happy families. With Vanya they are like having children even though it is quite difficult for Maira to take Vanya’s heart who is still grieving because of her mother’s departure.

Maira gave Vanya a special second edition Sabrina doll. Unexpectedly, Vanya who was gloomy became a jovial figure since being accompanied by Sabrina.

4. Sabrina’s evil that disturbs Maira’s new life


Although Sabrina became a new friend who made Vanya more cheerful, Maira felt different things. Instead of being happy, Maira was disturbed by Sabrina. For example, while at home the sound of a music box always sounds from the top floor many times.

This scene may remind us of the Insidious film where the mother has to check the baby many times to the top floor because there is a crying detection from the lower floor. Even so, Luna Maya’s acting here made the audience carried away to feel a little shocked.