Lee Hye Ri Start Her Debut In Monstrum Movie

Who does not know one of the members of the girl band from South Korea, well named Lee Hye-ri? This beautiful girl who joins girl band Girl’s Day will start her acting debut on the big screen. The girl who has turned 24 this year debuted through the film Saeguk, entitled Monstrum.

For the first time playing a movie, Hyeri claimed to be very nervous. The lover of an actor Ryu Jun Yeol even said that he felt very nervous as before when he first appeared on TV.

“Before I watched the film, the people around me said something to me,‘ You will only see yourself and will not pay attention to the flow of the film. ‘And I understand that. This was the first time I saw myself directly at the premiere, I felt a tremendous nervousness until I didn’t know who was next to me, “Lee Hye-ri said.

“This is really the first time I see my face behind a big screen other than in an ad. From that moment it felt really very different. It feels even more nervous than when I first debuted with my other friends, “Lee Hye-ri said.

Although he already has a lot of acting experience from various dramas he has starred in, Lee Hye-ri herself admitted that his acting this time was very different.

“I don’t know that it will be very different. The screen is very different from TV. Until now, I only watched films for entertainment, but this time I made sure I would watch with respect, “explained Lee Hye-ri.