Master Chef Season 9, A Little Surprise From Gordon Ramsay !

As we know, Gordon Ramsay is the most popular chef in the world. He have a very unique and special ability to cook with various ingridient. For Gordon Ramsay, cook with high quality ingridient is piece of cake ! But in MasterChef US season 9, Gordon show us how professional he in kitchen.

The contestant of MasterChef season 9 shocked because Gordon Ramsay came to the kitchen hall and join them in kitchen table. Gordon Ramsay joining the competition and also be a jury. Cool right ?

In that competition, MasterChef US give them a mystery box which is contain the bunch of garbage ingridient which usually been throw to the trash can. The ingridient is hamachi collar fish, chicken liver, fish roe, carrot tops, beef trimmings, cicken carcasses, juice pulp and stems of cauliflower.

These thing maybe still used in another country like China or Indonesia, but in US, they usually throw them into the trash can. But in Gordon Ramsay hand, these trash can be a very good dish which is eligible to sell in the five stars restaurant.

With that ingridient, Gordon Ramsay can cook 3 beautifull dishes named chicken liver mousse parfait. This this is appertizer and have a good taste and texture.

The second dish is braised hamachi collar. Gordon Ramsay can cook the hamachi collar which is a very hard to cook with a perfect taste and seasoning. Gordon using cauliflower steam salad and mix it together with the hamachi collar. Perfect !

And the last one is desert, salted caramel beetroot stem. Gordon Ramsay can turn a ugly beetroot stem into a beautifull and delicious food ! He added whipped cream and vanilla and lemon shortbread for completing this food.

See, it’s not about the ingridient, it’s about who’s the chef, because a good chef can use all of bad ingridient and make them into a good delicious food in the table. That’s why Gordon Ramsay can be the most respected chef in the world.