Review: Lukisan Berlumur Darah ( 1988 )

Who is not horrified to hear the title Lukisan Berlumur Darah, our old horror films are indeed epic in the matter of choosing names to lead the audience to the cinema. Although it seems that most viewers buy tickets not for horror but because they are tempted by the appearance of “dreamy” Yurike Prastica. In his era, our cinema was enlivened by films with groin, eroticcontent , whatever the name suggests, endemic to almost all genres, including horror. This Lukisan Berlumur Darah is one that goes with the flow, but that does not mean that the film only contains people who play in bed.

Directed by Torro Margens, the host of the Uka-Uka event, Lukisan Berlumur Darah still has a full story, although it must occasionally show “hot” scenes (the new one is lifted hot). So do not equate with the perverted products of the KKD which totally trade the horror of the filmmaker without the intention of telling it in it. Why do I have to carry the name of the KKD again.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the horror of with sexual content as long as it is made right and the dose between horror  is balanced, not just making “tense” then forgetting to tell stories, let alone ignoring the audience waiting for feared. Lukisan Berlumur Darah even have room to bring up the Kyai who are ready to enlighten about religion, including reminding the audience to be diligent in praying.

The 80s are incomplete, it seems if a horror film without the presence of a figure is turbaned, the parts that are difficult to separate, such as Bokir and Dorman. If you look at the premise, Lukisan Berlumur Darah is indeed quite interesting, which is told by Agus (Dharma Harun Al Rashid) and his wife Hanna (Tiara Jacquelina), living in a house that apparently inherits the story of a terrible past. After finding the skull buried under a banyan tree, the lives of both of them were arguably no longer normal, plus Hanna who was “obsessed” with pictures of beautiful and mysterious women.