Review: Pintu Terlarang By Joko Anwar

Sypnopsis : The life of a successful sculptor named Gambir (Fachri Albar) begins to fall apart after he starts receiving mysterious messages from someone who asks for his help.

From an illegal TV show that placed a hidden camera in people’s homes, he learned that the person trying to contact him was a 7-year-old boy who was held captive and tortured by two mysterious people.

When Gambir tried to find out where the child was, he suspected that his wife, Talyda (Marsha Timothy), might have something to do with the mystery he was trying to solve. Soon, Gambir had to choose whether to save the little boy or lose all his possessions and life.

Finally Fachri also found out who and where the little boy was to be saved. But, all the puzzles brought him to a secret door in his own house, which he had never known before, which might be the answer to all mysteries.

This film is not an ordinary film. Something that is rarely found in Indonesian films that are usually only fixated on commercialization. Quality film !! finally I watched Indonesian films again in the cinema, after all this time “whistled” with films of ghosts, love, and sex comedy that offered the same story. Pintu Terlarang can become a masterpiece later, or it can be a “cult” among Indonesian film lovers.