Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is the third series of the Transylvania Hotel series which began in 2012. If you want to compare with previous films, Hotel Transylvania 3 is arguably the worst among the previous films, but still the first Transylvania Hotel is still the best followed by Hotel Transylvania 2 and the last position is Hotel Transylvania 3.

This film begins in the past where Drac is still filled with his voice by Adam Sandler against his archenemy Van Helsing. But the various ideas and ways Van Helsing did, he still failed to capture Drac. Decades later, until we arrive today Van Helsing is still grudgingly against Drax.

We are back in time now where Drax feels bored taking care of the hotel and he also feels lonely. His son Mavis whose voice was filled by Selena Gomez suggested that they all have a picnic, he made a surprise to all the monster members by inviting them to cruise on a luxury ship. They did not know that Van Helsing was still alive and intended to eliminate all the monsters that existed.

When I first learned that Van Helsing, indeed in the original novel, was one of the eternal enemies of Dracula, I thought the story would be interesting. But the story is boring and ordinary, even the elements of comedy that always exist in the first film don’t appear much in the third scene, they repeat some jokes from the previous films which of course are no longer funny.

But there is one thing I like about this film, the appearance and shape of Van Helsing is very scary, yes as an adult it is certainly not a problem, but maybe it will be a little frightening for children, considering the film market for children. Naturally, considering this film the Hotel Transylvania, which in it contains monsters with ridiculous behavior, then we need to have one human being who is even more sinister than the monsters.

Too many movie monster characters also make the scene jump up and down and even many scenes that are missing show the monsters. Naturally, all the monster and human characters from the first and second films present here are not to mention the additions of new monsters. For those of you who want to follow the story of Hotel Transylvania, you can watch this film, but don’t expect more if this film will be better than the previous Transylvania films.