Movie Review: Truth Or Dare ?

Truth or Dare is a thriller horror movie mad by Jeff Wadlow. The only one good point for the movie poster is the name of Happy Deat Dat and Get Out which is included in the poster. The producer using a new cast like Lucy Hale, Tyler Poser, Biolett Beane and Nolan Gerrad Funk. That name is unfamiliar in Hollywood movie. This movie want to bring the horror side of truth or dare game, but the execution is totally dumb !

This movie start with a girl named Olivia Barron ( Lucy Hale ) which is want to spend her holiday with a good and positif activity in a camp. But her plant must be cancelled because her application to join the camp is cancelled by her best friend, Markie Cameron ( Violett Beane ). Want or no, Olivia must joining Markie and her other friends to Mexico to spend holiday.

Their Holiday in Mexico run smoothly after they met named Carter ( Landon Liboiron ). Carter ask them to follow him, he said there is a party in other place. But their nightmare start when they decide to follow Carter. They finally play a game called Truth or Dare, but this game is a little bit different from a normal game.

Why ? Because there is a demon inside the game. When the game ask you to do something, you must do, if no, you will die immediately. This movie is bad as a horror movie and also bad as a thriller movie. But if you still want to watch this movie, go on and you will be dissapointed.