Review Movie: Crazy Rich Asian ( 2018 )

Finally after a long wait, Crazy Rich Asian was present at the cinema. This film is a romantic comedy genre film by Jon M. Chu. This film is an adaptation of the novel with the same title and became the first Hollywood film to present Asian-American majority players.

Amazingly, the Crazy Rich Asian movie is able to become a hot topic among world film lovers. Not only there, even this film also reaped a positive response and managed to occupy the first position in the box office in the United States.

This film tells the story of Rachel Chu who became a professor of economics. She was invited by Nick Young to Singapore. When in Singapore, Rachel was invited to attend Nick’s best friend’s wedding.

But Rachel did not realize that her boyfriend Nick was one of the richest people in Asia. Nick himself is a man targeted by many women. The relationships Rachel and Nick lived were also not approved by Nick’s mother.

Rachel finally asked her friend’s help to find out about her family and Nick’s origin. As an additional information, Rachel’s friend named Peik Lin and lived in Singapore. Many intrigues occur in this film.

Then who is Nick? Who will Nick choose later, is his family or Rachel? For those of you who are curious, just watch it in your favorite cinema.