Hataraku Saibou – Funny Anime About How Cells in the Body Work

Learning how cells work in the body is certainly a very boring thing. Not a few people are lazy to learn about cell work procedures, for example how red blood cells work and so on.

But what if the boring lesson is packed in an animated film that shows exciting and fun scenes and cute and adorable characters? Of course it will be a very different thing right?

Now in Japan there is an animated series about how cells work in the human body, the animated name is Hataraku Saibou or in English is Cell at Works. This anime tells about how the body works and how the body’s immune system fights every bacterium and virus that attacks. In this anime, we can find the cuteness of the character named Platelets.

Who is Platelets? They are very adorable platelets! This is serious, they are very adorable! Their job is to patch any damage that occurs when there is a wound.

Platelets itself is depicted as having a figure like a kindergarten child in a crowd. They have a very cute voice and are also very diligent. They often help other cell work. Even they help when white blood cells have difficulty.

This anime is very different from anime in general. Besides being able to entertain, we can also find out the various cell functions in the body. Interesting right ?