Review: Lukisan Berlumur Darah ( 1988 )

Who is not horrified to hear the title Lukisan Berlumur Darah, our old horror films are indeed epic in the matter of choosing names to lead the audience to the cinema. Although it seems that most viewers buy tickets not for horror but because they are tempted by the appearance of “dreamy” Yurike Prastica. In his era, our cinema was enlivened by films with groin, eroticcontent , whatever the name suggests, endemic to almost all genres, including horror. This Lukisan Berlumur Darah is one that goes with the flow, but that does not mean that the film only contains people who play in bed.

Directed by Torro Margens, the host of the Uka-Uka event, Lukisan Berlumur Darah still has a full story, although it must occasionally show “hot” scenes (the new one is lifted hot). So do not equate with the perverted products of the KKD which totally trade the horror of the filmmaker without the intention of telling it in it. Why do I have to carry the name of the KKD again.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the horror of with sexual content as long as it is made right and the dose between horror  is balanced, not just making “tense” then forgetting to tell stories, let alone ignoring the audience waiting for feared. Lukisan Berlumur Darah even have room to bring up the Kyai who are ready to enlighten about religion, including reminding the audience to be diligent in praying.

The 80s are incomplete, it seems if a horror film without the presence of a figure is turbaned, the parts that are difficult to separate, such as Bokir and Dorman. If you look at the premise, Lukisan Berlumur Darah is indeed quite interesting, which is told by Agus (Dharma Harun Al Rashid) and his wife Hanna (Tiara Jacquelina), living in a house that apparently inherits the story of a terrible past. After finding the skull buried under a banyan tree, the lives of both of them were arguably no longer normal, plus Hanna who was “obsessed” with pictures of beautiful and mysterious women.

Review: Pintu Terlarang By Joko Anwar

Sypnopsis : The life of a successful sculptor named Gambir (Fachri Albar) begins to fall apart after he starts receiving mysterious messages from someone who asks for his help.

From an illegal TV show that placed a hidden camera in people’s homes, he learned that the person trying to contact him was a 7-year-old boy who was held captive and tortured by two mysterious people.

When Gambir tried to find out where the child was, he suspected that his wife, Talyda (Marsha Timothy), might have something to do with the mystery he was trying to solve. Soon, Gambir had to choose whether to save the little boy or lose all his possessions and life.

Finally Fachri also found out who and where the little boy was to be saved. But, all the puzzles brought him to a secret door in his own house, which he had never known before, which might be the answer to all mysteries.

This film is not an ordinary film. Something that is rarely found in Indonesian films that are usually only fixated on commercialization. Quality film !! finally I watched Indonesian films again in the cinema, after all this time “whistled” with films of ghosts, love, and sex comedy that offered the same story. Pintu Terlarang can become a masterpiece later, or it can be a “cult” among Indonesian film lovers.

Review: The Predator ( 2018 )

In this film a Predator (the normal one, not the giant Ultimate Predator) lands on Earth based on a goal. A goal that feels like the opposite of a series of massacres he did. That’s the biggest plot of the movie’s plot, because even though Predators are high-value, wild, fierce, self-worthy monsters, they are also intelligent beings. Even if the Predator is clear-minded, able to withstand craving to kill, the film will end even before stepping on the second act. I described the hole at the beginning so that you can get ready, so you don’t need to think too much about it and can sit back and enjoy the “slash slash bang bang” offered by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys).

It’s not easy to make sequels in the Predator series. Every film has a different protagonist without correlation to each other, making the process of character development impossible. The only option is only to widen the mythology of the dreadlock-haired killing machine, and indeed that is what Black did. After landing (emergency) then involved a consultation with Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), Army Rangers sniper who happened to be carrying out a mission and ended up stealing some alien technology, the Predator was taken to a secret facility to study, one of them by a Biologist named Casey Bracket ( Olivia Munn).

Casey was aware of the anomalies in DNA Predator, which Black and Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3) used in their writings to explain the reason Predators like to come to Earth, while emphasizing the absence of the existence of two titles vs. Aliens. Predator. You will know “why” when the purpose of the Predator’s arrival has been revealed. Other mythological developments were carried out through the introduction of Ultimate Predators, hunters of hunters, who hunted with giant dogs (Predogtor? Predadog?) Who also had dreadlocks. According to Casey, the hair functions as a signal carrier. The Ultimate Predator is bigger, stronger, but the way it works like a stupid monster than a tactical killing machine like the original Predator. So if there is a question whether it is creepy, the answer is “No”.

But Shane Black armed with the peculiarities of his writing clearly did not intend to make the Predator a serious dark horror. It was shown when we met a group of troubled war veterans consisting of Tourette, ADHD, PTSD, and others. Quinn, who tried to be silenced as a witness to the Predator landing, was one of them. Alternately they make jokes, especially Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) with “rotten mouth”. Without in-depth characterization, it is also not memorable, at least their presence produces pleasant moments. Trevante Rhodes is most prominent, expertly handling sentence after sentence, making Nebraska characters like friends who can be invited to talk heart-to-heart at night while drinking a bottle of beer comfortably.

Review: Target ( Raditya Dika Movie )

After the umpteenth time, Raditya Dika now returns to show his latest film, Target. This was recorded for the 6th time, Raditya played, wrote the script, and also directed the film. Again, he presented a series of famous celebrities in his films who played as themselves, including Cinta Laura, Willy Dozan, Samuel Rizal, Romy Rafael, Anggika Bolsterli, as well as several top comics and Youtubers.

The story is simple. A group of 9 celebrities received an invitation to play in a film called Target. On the day, they were present at a designated location, but strangely there were no crew, extras, production equipment, and so on. They were told to change costumes and even were treated to lunch that had been flavored with sleeping pills. They wake up in a warehouse room in a high-rise building and are caught in a game that threatens their lives.

The story is similar to the other Raditya movie, Hangout, which features 9 public figures trapped on an island. They are one by one mysteriously killed for no apparent reason. Isn’t it similar? This time, the difference is only the location and the characters, and someone is playing with them. As usual, the plural in our films, the motives, and logic of the story in this film is indeed a big question. From the beginning, the story told many things that were not told, except only the relationship between Raditya and Cinta Laura. Just one small question, why should they be? If you want to write all the spoilers, of course.

Why do you think it is heavy? This is just a comedy, why is it so serious? It is precisely the comedian who kills his own film story. Good comedy certainly must have a good story so that the audience can enter the characters. What happens with the story is that everything is not serious and playful, jokes are sometimes funny, but many of them are lively and crisp. All things are forced to make the audience laugh so that the element of tension that is expected to be empty. The surprise at the end doesn’t even feel biting. I don’t know, is this ridicule the main goal? However, it is unfortunate because the story has the potential to be better.

Sadistic, 4 Things From Sabrina Film That Makes You Sleepless

The doll terror in The Doll 2 seems to be over. Although not given the title “The Doll 3”, this Sabrina film still tells the horror story of the Sabrina doll who became Kayla’s favorite doll, Luna Maya’s child who had died in the previous film.

Even so, the director Rocky Soraya claimed many things were far different and more special than the previous films.


1. The story begins with Reynald going to Laras for a very scary case


The story begins with the life of a married couple named Arka and Andini who are wealthy. Andini, who often behaves strangely, starts to get possessed and get even worse. Jeremy Thomas, who plays a psychic named Reynald, asked Laras to help deal with the Andini case.

In the beginning, there were some that reduced the atmosphere of film horror, ranging from Andini’s acting which was felt excessive to the CGI when Laras got on a car that was involved like an old FTV show.

Newly tracked career in horror films, Jeremy Thomas claimed to fly directly to Indonesia from London to play in this film.


2. Terror began with the presence of the second edition of Sabrina dolls


Already moving on, Maira, played by Luna Maya, lost her son to anchor his heart to a handsome businessman named Aiden. Do not live alone, Aiden lives with his nephew Vanya who has been orphaned. Vanya is a gloomy figure because she still can’t forget her dead mother. The audience was also curious because at the beginning it was not told who Vanya’s parents were, until the fact that Vanya’s parents were quite shocking, but also guessed.

Aiden is a puppet businessman who produces the second-edition Sabrina doll which is very in demand. So in demand that even the Sabrina doll, which was quite large in size, was brought to school by many young children.

Speaking of the Sabrina doll who became the main character in this film, Rocky admitted buying his spare parts from abroad because of the shooting needs in which Sabrina moved more. For Sabrina’s own face Rocky decided to change the color of her face which was originally blue to be natural like a human. Do you think it’s more sinister than before or now?


3. Being husband and wife in a film, the intimacy of Luna Maya and Christian Sugiono is very sweet


Acting as a newly married couple, both are like happy families. With Vanya they are like having children even though it is quite difficult for Maira to take Vanya’s heart who is still grieving because of her mother’s departure.

Maira gave Vanya a special second edition Sabrina doll. Unexpectedly, Vanya who was gloomy became a jovial figure since being accompanied by Sabrina.

4. Sabrina’s evil that disturbs Maira’s new life


Although Sabrina became a new friend who made Vanya more cheerful, Maira felt different things. Instead of being happy, Maira was disturbed by Sabrina. For example, while at home the sound of a music box always sounds from the top floor many times.

This scene may remind us of the Insidious film where the mother has to check the baby many times to the top floor because there is a crying detection from the lower floor. Even so, Luna Maya’s acting here made the audience carried away to feel a little shocked.

Hereditary: Best Horror Movie This Year

Horror movies seem to never die. In fact, always present throughout the year. The filmmakers did not have a bored film to make a horror film. Because of the many horror films, the audience became more aware of what kind of film should be watched. Until, there were artistic horror shows that were anti-mainstream. Yep, Hereditary film.

His debut at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival succeeded in making Hereditary films a spectacle of horror lovers. In fact, Hereditary is the best horror film of the year. The best thing in this film is not the excitement, but the horror itself.

Synopsis: Annie Graham, a miniature artist, experiences terror for terror with her husband, Steve, and their two children Peter and Charlie. Strangely, the terrifying terror that the Anne family got just after the death of Anne’s mother. They get a legacy curse from the grandmother.

This film tells how it is described in the title. “Hereditary” which means “inheritance” is about the family’s curse that was sent down to posterity. The storyline is simple and hard to guess. Plus, the director, Ari Aster, didn’t tell the story in hurry. So, until halfway through the film, you continue to be presented with premises.

Not that you can understand the story since the beginning of the film. Hereditary is full of puzzles. Starting from the puzzle of terror that befell the family, to the puzzle when you look for the source of his horror. His name is also film festival, everything is full of semiotics which has a double meaning.

For those of you who like watching movies to just find out how good or not the story is, this movie is not an option. However, if you like watching horror movies to give a new experience, you must watch this film. The reason is, this film doesn’t give jumpscare much. On the contrary, this film is full of an atmosphere of terror and disturbing voices that can make you depressed throughout the scene.


Hataraku Saibou – Funny Anime About How Cells in the Body Work

Learning how cells work in the body is certainly a very boring thing. Not a few people are lazy to learn about cell work procedures, for example how red blood cells work and so on.

But what if the boring lesson is packed in an animated film that shows exciting and fun scenes and cute and adorable characters? Of course it will be a very different thing right?

Now in Japan there is an animated series about how cells work in the human body, the animated name is Hataraku Saibou or in English is Cell at Works. This anime tells about how the body works and how the body’s immune system fights every bacterium and virus that attacks. In this anime, we can find the cuteness of the character named Platelets.

Who is Platelets? They are very adorable platelets! This is serious, they are very adorable! Their job is to patch any damage that occurs when there is a wound.

Platelets itself is depicted as having a figure like a kindergarten child in a crowd. They have a very cute voice and are also very diligent. They often help other cell work. Even they help when white blood cells have difficulty.

This anime is very different from anime in general. Besides being able to entertain, we can also find out the various cell functions in the body. Interesting right ?

Lee Hye Ri Start Her Debut In Monstrum Movie

Who does not know one of the members of the girl band from South Korea, well named Lee Hye-ri? This beautiful girl who joins girl band Girl’s Day will start her acting debut on the big screen. The girl who has turned 24 this year debuted through the film Saeguk, entitled Monstrum.

For the first time playing a movie, Hyeri claimed to be very nervous. The lover of an actor Ryu Jun Yeol even said that he felt very nervous as before when he first appeared on TV.

“Before I watched the film, the people around me said something to me,‘ You will only see yourself and will not pay attention to the flow of the film. ‘And I understand that. This was the first time I saw myself directly at the premiere, I felt a tremendous nervousness until I didn’t know who was next to me, “Lee Hye-ri said.

“This is really the first time I see my face behind a big screen other than in an ad. From that moment it felt really very different. It feels even more nervous than when I first debuted with my other friends, “Lee Hye-ri said.

Although he already has a lot of acting experience from various dramas he has starred in, Lee Hye-ri herself admitted that his acting this time was very different.

“I don’t know that it will be very different. The screen is very different from TV. Until now, I only watched films for entertainment, but this time I made sure I would watch with respect, “explained Lee Hye-ri.

Pengabdi Setan Break Box Office in Hong Kong

Pengabdi Setan, is the movie directed by Joko Anwar and being produced by RAPI Films and CJ Entertainment is a remake of the same film which was released in 1980. Pengabdi Setan, which was released in September 2017, also managed to reach international success in 42 countries. Some time ago, this film was chosen as the “Best Film” in the 2018 IBOMA event. Amazingly, Joko Anwar’s film was won 7 awards from 15 categories presented

Internationally marketed under the title Pengabdi Setan, Pengabdi Setan devotees not only steal the attention of the audience in their own country. But in some other outside countries. In Mexico and Thailand this film is in the top 10 of the box office. While in Malaysia, the Devotees of Satan are referred to as Indonesia’s best-selling films of all time.

The latest news, Devotees serve the box office in Hong Kong. This was just announced a few hours ago by the director through his social media account. Apparently, this film made by Joko Anwar really deserves a thumbs up.

The billboard in the picture above also notes that the film starring Tara Basro was ranked number one in the box office rankings on her debut day and first weekend. Unfortunately, there is no official data that lists the number of tickets sold or income from the film Pengabdi Setan that aired in Hong Kong.

I don’t need to be asked anymore, the success of the Devotees in Hong Kong will certainly add to the revenue coffers of this film. The latest news, Joko has intended to make a sequel to the Devil’s Devotion. According to him, the story of the Devotees of Satan should be continued through the sequel. Well, what about your response, guys? Agree not if Satan’s servant is made a sequel?

Review Movie: Crazy Rich Asian ( 2018 )

Finally after a long wait, Crazy Rich Asian was present at the cinema. This film is a romantic comedy genre film by Jon M. Chu. This film is an adaptation of the novel with the same title and became the first Hollywood film to present Asian-American majority players.

Amazingly, the Crazy Rich Asian movie is able to become a hot topic among world film lovers. Not only there, even this film also reaped a positive response and managed to occupy the first position in the box office in the United States.

This film tells the story of Rachel Chu who became a professor of economics. She was invited by Nick Young to Singapore. When in Singapore, Rachel was invited to attend Nick’s best friend’s wedding.

But Rachel did not realize that her boyfriend Nick was one of the richest people in Asia. Nick himself is a man targeted by many women. The relationships Rachel and Nick lived were also not approved by Nick’s mother.

Rachel finally asked her friend’s help to find out about her family and Nick’s origin. As an additional information, Rachel’s friend named Peik Lin and lived in Singapore. Many intrigues occur in this film.

Then who is Nick? Who will Nick choose later, is his family or Rachel? For those of you who are curious, just watch it in your favorite cinema.