Hereditary: Best Horror Movie This Year

Horror movies seem to never die. In fact, always present throughout the year. The filmmakers did not have a bored film to make a horror film. Because of the many horror films, the audience became more aware of what kind of film should be watched. Until, there were artistic horror shows that were anti-mainstream. Yep, Hereditary film.

His debut at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival succeeded in making Hereditary films a spectacle of horror lovers. In fact, Hereditary is the best horror film of the year. The best thing in this film is not the excitement, but the horror itself.

Synopsis: Annie Graham, a miniature artist, experiences terror for terror with her husband, Steve, and their two children Peter and Charlie. Strangely, the terrifying terror that the Anne family got just after the death of Anne’s mother. They get a legacy curse from the grandmother.

This film tells how it is described in the title. “Hereditary” which means “inheritance” is about the family’s curse that was sent down to posterity. The storyline is simple and hard to guess. Plus, the director, Ari Aster, didn’t tell the story in hurry. So, until halfway through the film, you continue to be presented with premises.

Not that you can understand the story since the beginning of the film. Hereditary is full of puzzles. Starting from the puzzle of terror that befell the family, to the puzzle when you look for the source of his horror. His name is also film festival, everything is full of semiotics which has a double meaning.

For those of you who like watching movies to just find out how good or not the story is, this movie is not an option. However, if you like watching horror movies to give a new experience, you must watch this film. The reason is, this film doesn’t give jumpscare much. On the contrary, this film is full of an atmosphere of terror and disturbing voices that can make you depressed throughout the scene.