Pengabdi Setan Break Box Office in Hong Kong

Pengabdi Setan, is the movie directed by Joko Anwar and being produced by RAPI Films and CJ Entertainment is a remake of the same film which was released in 1980. Pengabdi Setan, which was released in September 2017, also managed to reach international success in 42 countries. Some time ago, this film was chosen as the “Best Film” in the 2018 IBOMA event. Amazingly, Joko Anwar’s film was won 7 awards from 15 categories presented

Internationally marketed under the title Pengabdi Setan, Pengabdi Setan devotees not only steal the attention of the audience in their own country. But in some other outside countries. In Mexico and Thailand this film is in the top 10 of the box office. While in Malaysia, the Devotees of Satan are referred to as Indonesia’s best-selling films of all time.

The latest news, Devotees serve the box office in Hong Kong. This was just announced a few hours ago by the director through his social media account. Apparently, this film made by Joko Anwar really deserves a thumbs up.

The billboard in the picture above also notes that the film starring Tara Basro was ranked number one in the box office rankings on her debut day and first weekend. Unfortunately, there is no official data that lists the number of tickets sold or income from the film Pengabdi Setan that aired in Hong Kong.

I don’t need to be asked anymore, the success of the Devotees in Hong Kong will certainly add to the revenue coffers of this film. The latest news, Joko has intended to make a sequel to the Devil’s Devotion. According to him, the story of the Devotees of Satan should be continued through the sequel. Well, what about your response, guys? Agree not if Satan’s servant is made a sequel?