Review: SAW I – I Want To Play A Game !

Saw is a thriller movie who have succesfull back in time. There is so many sequel of Saw movie. But for the first, we will review the beginning of SAW movie story.

When we watch the first movie of SAW, we will see two people in public abandoned locked toilet. Two man was chained by the leg iron through the opposite walls. When you see the middle of the room, you will see a corpse with pool of blood. Near the dead body there is a revolver, a tape and a small saw.

The man who’s chained is Adam ( Leigh Whannell ) and Dr Lawrence Gordon ( Cary Elwes ). There’s no clue why a corpse can be there ( u will shock at then end of the movie ). The tape they found is the main key to obtain a information about what should they do.

Jigsaw Killer is the man behind all of this crime. But the Jigsaw Killer have a motive why he do this kind of thing. Not for revenging, but he want the victims to know their fault and fight for their life.

Who is Jigsaw Killer ? Why Adam and Lawrence Gordon trapped in that room ? And what the meaning of dead body in the middle of the room ? No one knows ! If you want to know, you should watch the movie, so …. Let’s the game begin !

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